Simple Joys (My Take)

Just the other night I was talking to my wife about how there is nothing entertainment wise that really excites me anymore. In fact there isn’t much that I am “looking forward” too. Then I hope on and my buddy Brandon posts Simple Joys about the exact same thing.

I spent almost all my non ministry life ether working in video stores, music stores, and movie theaters. I remember being so excited to learn that my favorite actor or band was coming out with something new. I would reserve my copy and then in my own mind have the countdown.

Movies in theaters use to stay for months. I remember when Titanic and Forrest Gump would be in my local theater for months, until a new “blockbuster” would arrive. Today movies come and go within a weeks time. In fact my buddy Brandon and I worked together in a big movie theater chain. Don’t get me wrong I loved working opening weekend for the BIG movies, but over time they all looked like they were cookie cutter movies, same plot/different cast.

I honestly long for the days when music and movies took years to make. You could tell there was attention to detail and it was worth the wait. That in most cases is not the case.

That’s my rant.

One thought on “Simple Joys (My Take)

  1. Brandon March 9, 2021 / 2:01 pm

    I really think the internet has played a huge part in ruining the experience. Everyone is quick to offer their two cents and it doesnt matter if someone has potential or not, because you are always going to have people hating just because.

    Last week, I watched the show Debris. I liked it. It kinda gave me an X-Files vibe. I decided to check out the subreddit and all I found were people who showed up to complain or talk about how they hated it or turned it off. I just dont understand. Who goes out of there way to be hateful and why? Just dont watch.

    Its really hard to build excitement anymore. I’m sure age plays a factor but I think the ease in access and just lack of effort are ultimately what ruins it for me.

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